The European award for entrepreneurs
Jul 19, 2024 - 08:08 PM
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Kalysis desarolla un eCommerce especializado en herramientas profesionales de relojería.

herramientas profesionales relojería

El hobby de nuestros ingenieros #IoT se hizo carne.

Póngase en contacto si es usted un fabricante o diseñador independiente, o si desea tener su propio marketplace.

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Frases célebres
“¿Qué es estrategia? Continuar disparando cuando ya no se tienen balas, sólo para que el enemigo no lo perciba.”
- Anónimo

Nunca infravalore la importancia de la incompetencia en las organizaciones. Ha sido siempre la fuente del descontento, la independencia y el éxito de la actividad emprendedora (William Bliss)

I was figuring on starting some kind of business, but most every business is already engaged more than's necessary; and then, I ain't got no business ability. What I want is something that don't call for no kind of ability whatsoever and no kind of exertion to speak of, and ain't out of town, and pays good, and has a future. (Unattributed but, perhaps the best description of the wannabe entrepreneur)

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Bajo el Patrocinio de Kalysis GRUPO
Dni Electrónico

La empresa española cuenta con la patente del nuevo DNI electrónico

Bajo el Patronazgo del Centro Andaluz de Emprendedores

Bajo el Patronazgo del Centro Andaluz de Emprendedores - CADE

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Finalistas Europeos
Lista de los 31 nominados europeos:


Scentarom (Belgium)
stef.drafab @

Development of flavours and fragrances based on state-of-the-art chemical analytical techniques

Perf-Alarm (France) @

This product gives an alarm for the nurses when the perfusion must be changed.

Mereg (Germany)
schulz @

MEREG makes solar energy more efficient and less expensive. The new technology is based on the use of metal-free colour selective interference mirror foils and combines photovoltaics concentrator technologies and weak light PV-technologies with the Magneto-Caloric Effect.

Maga-Vend (Iceland)
biggest @

Introducing an automatic magazine machine- an Internet kiosk and an automatic magazine vending machine in one, which delivers operational improvements and perceptible return on investment for magazine publishers?

pandora's jam (Italy)
oggigigi @

Project: brokage between authors and commitments for videographic production; videoproduction; promotion of resultant works.

Odyssey (Greater Region)
svanpuyvelde @

The idea is to give banks the possibility to outsource the administration of the financial instruments to our venture, an independent ASP company that links seamlessly to the bank’s operations centre.

Center for Knowledge in IT technologies and the Third Sector (Slovakia)
olga.borosova @

The theme of the project is to help the graduate students of the higher secondary schools and universities who are the newcomers to the employment market.

Inoxfrost (Spain)
inoxfrost @

Inoxfrost can be considered a modern ice cube. Made of stainless steel hemispheres with multiple hexagonal facets. it offers greater & longer cooling capacity than ice whilst eradicating the possibility of infection from bacteria in water


R&B Downhole (Austria)
r.fuerboeck @

SE-DP ‚Spirally Enhanced Drill Pipes’ are drill pipes with a helical shaped surface of the pipe body which will be used in drilling of the horizontal sections of oil & Gas wells to avoid high cost well problems.

M-Elect (Belgium)
maarten.wolters @

The M-Elect project is situated in the health care sector, more specifically telecare. M-Elect has developed a platform for capturing, transmitting and processing measurement data coming from medical devices.

Confy’Dance (France)
severinezaoui @

an innovation, in terms of foot protection for people who practice different sports.

Scieva (Germany)
ayman.ibrahim @

A world-wide novel sensor (in particular for metals and heavy metals) constructed of a combination of molecular architectures and a measuring unit developed by us, that can be offered as an extra module for the stationary spectroscopic measuring instruments that are already available on the market.

Green Diamond Traction Soles (Iceland)
antonisako @

Green Diamond granule impregnated shoe soles are an innovation that is a practical solution to the problem of slipping, tripping and falling

BdA (Italy)
maxsimoncini @

Biblioteca d'Alessandria is a system designed to create a peer to peer network for scientific-documents digital-sharing among researchers

Sistemas Judo (Spain)
infonauta @

ASOMO® is a software tool that uses relational maps to represent the social weather of the

Internet in regard to any entity or topic, taking data dynamically from the Net and mining them automatically.


Archieve-IT (Austria)
wm @

CMB information logistics developed a software suite to manage general information.

Newtree (Belgium)
benoit.debruyn @

NewTree ( develops and markets high-quality food products combining culinary pleasure and health benefits.

Jungo Voirie (France)
info @

The multi-function narrow vehicle Jungo J3 with articulated steering has been developed for the maintenance of the pedestrian roads, gardens, places of difficult reach. Customers work for cities or local communities.

Puron (Germany)
k.vossenkaul @

PUROn has developed new water filters that work on the principle of porous ultrafiltration membranes.

ToTalk Communications (Iceland)
armann @

ToTalk Communications is an incubator of long distance Digital Phone Companies.

Tecnos media (Italy)
gaetano.cosentino @

a innovative product to realise applications for the transport security (for crafts, trains, roads vehicles, etc), home and building automations, industrial systems, to improve the every day life of disables and elderly people, for the monitoring of environmental varied sources pollution, terrorist and not sabotaging, etc

3G Media Consult (Greater Region)
konijnenberg @

The Company is organised to provide content distribution for the players in the Mobile Multi Media Market, during the transmission to-, and during the next 3RD generation of mobile telephony technology.

Hergos Sistemas (Spain)
jorgelopezceballos @

Hergos Sistemas is an innovative company focused in the IT area. Our highly skilled staff includes specialists in the fields of Communications Technology (LAN, WiFi, UMTS), Telematics (Remote Processes and Control), Robotics, Automation, Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.


Datarius (Austria)
Peter.Pohl @

The DaTARIUS Group is an international company focused on providing solutions to the optical media manufacturing industries

Reus (Belgium)
Charles-Henri.Bourgois @

REUS is an Energy Services Company (ESCO), focused on providing innovative Energy Efficiency Services and Solutions for Buildings.

Thetis Environnement (France)
charles.dubost @

Despite its bad taste and toxic effects, the chlorine addition is the technique most often employed to disinfect the drinking water for human consumption or industrial water. However, the qualitative advantages of the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for the water treatment make of it a biocide of choice which would have replaced chlorine for a long time without its principal disadvantage which is to be a spontaneously explosive and mortal gas with the inhalation.

3D Alliance (Germany)
info @

3D Alliance GmbH is a Center of competence for optical 3D-Measuring systems. 3DA develops, manufactures and distributes complete high-tech scalable systems for automotive, dental and mould/die market.

Velsmidja Isafjardar (Iceland)
arna @

We are developing and manufacturing multiconnectors (fittings) for use in connecting pipes, hoes, plastic pipes etc. in various industries (for example in the food-, oil- and gas- and biotech industries.

CallCenterNet (Italy)
lgilioli @

CallCenterNet is the first and only distributed network of Call Centres that uses a single centralised platform and a homogeneous organisation.

Tarantula (Greater Region)
eddy @

TARANTULA, is the name of a label, the identity of a spirit, a culture. That of a company whose project is to gather the experiment of professionals of the cinematography production, realisation and financial management within units based in various

European areas in order to link and develop an original network of knowledge and competence.

Medplant Genetics (Spain)
info @

Medplant Genetics was formed in April 2000 as a company dedicated to pioneering research in the European biotechnology marketplace. The company’s activities centre on the development, production and commercialisation of diagnostic and therapeutic systems based on biotechnology.

'The European Award for Entrepreneurs'

EUROWARDS es el mayor concurso para emprendedores de la Unión Europea. Con más de 7,000 puntos de presencia en 25 países de Europa y 12 años de historia, Eurowards cuenta con el alto patronazgo de Mr. Pat Cox, Presidente del Parlamento europeo, y Sir Albert Bore, Presidente del Comité para las Regiones.

Spirit of Enterprise Group coordina un conjunto de iniciativas para promover la comunicación y crear y mantener relaciones de negocio entre el mayor número posible de emprendedores europeos involucrados en revitalizar las empresas, y entre los socios y agentes públicos y privados que apoyan su crecimiento.

Spirit of Enterprise Group está conformado por líderes empresariales que deseen promover:

- entrepreneurship;
- un alto perfil para los negocios como generadores de valores y empleo;
- solidaridad entre emprendedores;
- el lugar, el papel y la responsabilidad de los emprendedores en la sociedad.

EUROWARDS, el premio europeo para emprendedores de alto rendimiento y Clever Networking, la red de trabajo europea para emprendedores de alto rendimiento son dos iniciativas de Spirit of Enterprise Group.

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Bajo el alto pratronazgo de:
Mr. Pat Cox, Presidente del Parlamento Europeo
Sir Albert Bore, Presidente del Comité para las Regiones

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