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In the last stage of the development of new treatments, in addition to the study of aspects related to efficacy, safety and costs of the new drug, the pharmaceutical industries tend to include aspects related with the patient´s point of view. This aspects have often importance in the process of drug approval and in the purchase price which are set by the health administration. In this field the studies are often transnational or european and some multinational corporations coordinate them. But these big corporations need smaller local partners in the different countries participating in the study to carried out the project. BAP Health Outcomes Research arises to deal with this demand differing from other companies in the intensive use of internet.

Sr. Pablo Rebollo

Polígono Industrial Vega de Arriba-Centro de Empresas del Caudal.
33600 - Mieres

Tel: 985 456083
Fax:985 456159

Principado de Asturias



Managing Director

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Health Outcomes Research services

BAP Health Outcomes Research will offered the following services: 1. Design of research projects and tools to evaluate the health outcomes of new treatments; 2. Data collection in these projects through internet; 3. Statistical analysis of data; 4. Drawing up reports of the results; 5. Preparation of scientific articles; 6. Design of health outcomes questionnaires (health-related quality of life, satisfaction with treatment…); 7. Translation of questionnaires into Spanish language and validation of translated versions. In order to offer these services BAP Health Outcomes Research is organized as a network of scientists specialised in health outcomes. This network will allow to do the work with a high quality standards using intensely the internet. The health outcomes questionnaires will be filled through internet, scored with an automatic software and the resulting scores will be sent to the source in real time.



I am an individual entrepreneur. Medicine degree (1992) and Medical Doctor (1999), at the present I am working as a research medical doctor in the University Central Hospital of Asturias (Oviedo, Spain). In this position I also coordinate the Research Support Unit of the Hospital. I work as pre-doctoral fellow of the National Health Care System and of the Institute “Reina Sofía” for Nephrological Research of the Renal Foundation (1995-1999). After that I work as post-doctoral fellow in the Institut Municipal d´Investigació Mèdica (IMIM) of Barcelona (2001-2002), which is the most important research center in Spain in the field of Health Outcomes. I have more than 900 hours of post-degree training. I have work in more than 15 research projects in the field of Health Outcomes during the last 9 years. Throughout last 3 years I have been working as a freelancer with important pharmaceutical industries and research centers of Spain. In the course of this years I have identified the demand which I intend to deal with using my wide knowledge on health outcomes research and the connections with the main research centers of Spain.

In this section 3 are the aspects that the client will value in BAP Health Outcomes Research: 1. Scientific solvency and high quality of the services, because the company has the posibility of working with the best health outcomes researchers of Spain using its network of contacts but without being them on the staff; 2. Having results in real time, because using internet through a secure server to answer the health outcomes questionnaires will allows to score them and sent the scores to the source along together with their interpretation; and 3. Competitive price of services, because the two previous factors; this will be very important in order to be hired by the bigger companies of the health outcomes field and by the health care system.

Yes. It is clear that BAP Health Outcomes Research need alliances in Europe to grow up. The majority of research projects are carried out in several countries of Europe at the same time and BAP need a european network of contacts.

With the initial personal contribution, together with the contracts of service that I had as freelance (now are contracts of BAP). Recently I achieved a economic aid from the Local Government.

60.000 EUR

1st Round
12k EURO en 2004-10-01
2nd Round
24k EURO en 2005-01-01
3th Round
24k EURO en 2006-01-01
4th Round
k EURO en 0000-00-00

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