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Issue 814, July 2004

About Nilson Report

For 33 years, the world's leading source of news and propietary research on consumer payment systems

Nilson Report ten-page newsletter, published 23 times a year, provides readers worldwide with
•Statistics available from no other source
•Tightly edited articles that deliver a maximum amount of data in a minimum amount of time

Every article includes
•The names, phone numbers, and email addresses of key executives

You'll also appreciate
•No advertising
•No articles written by vendors or part-time stringers

The Nilson Report is guaranteed to increase your understanding of the payment systems industry. Our readers receive the best benefit any trade journal can deliver — an unsurpassed level of usefulness.

You will see us quoted and interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, CBS MarketWatch, American Banker, Financial Times, Far Eastern Economic Review, Reuters, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Latin Trade Magazine, in Wall Street analysts' reports, on the BBC World Service, Bloomberg Radio, CNN International and National Public Radio, and in various government-agency publications.

Join top executives in 89 countries who have come to rely on The Nilson Report's unparalleled experience in delivering first-hand intelligence on the payments industry.

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