Spirit of Enterprise Group launches the 13th EUROWARDS Competition
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The easiest way to get venture funding

EUROWARDS, the European Awards, has just launched its entrepreneur competition for 2004. Run by Spirit of Enterprise Group, EUROWARDS is being held in more than 25 European countries. It is open to companies in all sectors and is organized in four categories: Encouragement, Seed, Start-up, Expansion.

Frédéric Béguin, President of Spirit of Enterprise Group, states: "It is not only the best opportunity to test your business plan against competition from all across Europe but also the easiest way to get venture funding since the competition is linked with venture capital funds who will invest in companies with European ambitions."

The prospective time schedule for the competition is as follows:

… 31 September 2002 : Application period deadline. The application form for Spain candidates is available at : http://www.eurowards.org
… October 2004 : Regional Selection Committees and Networking Events in participating regions.
… October - November 2004 : National Selection Committees and Awards Ceremonies.
… 26 November 2004 : Clever Networking (European Conference) - European Selection Committee and Awards Ceremony in Paris.

More information for entrepreneurs is available at http://www.eurowards.com and http://www.eurowards.org for Spain.

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